September 7, 2011

First "Small Assessment"

La Vuelta a España

Due: Monday, September 12

Task: Turn in a single piece of paper which describes one of the riders in this year's Vuelta a España.

Background: The Vuelta (Tour of Spain) is one of the three biggest stage races in professional cycling, one of the "grand tours," and it ends on Sunday. You are encouraged to watch parts of it over the weekend and we'll watch what we can in class. Use as your initial source for links to watch the race. Each day the stage starts airing at approximately 10:00 am and ends at at about 11:30 am. You can watch it in English (better for learning about the sport) or Spanish (obviously, better for your Spanish acquisition). Remember, cycling is a very popular sport in Europe, especially Spain.


Go to and learn as much as you can about the Vuelta. Look at the list of riders on the right side of the page. Choose a rider to investigate. Google the riders name and/or team. From there you should be able to learn some basic information about the rider. If you are having trouble, try another rider. Include the following information about the rider.
  • Name
  • Team
  • Origin (where he is from)
  • Age
  • A photo of the rider
You must write this information in complete sentences. Remember, Sr. Jannke always expects you to go above and beyond. Your grade will be based on completion, accuracy and effort, each weighted equally.