November 10, 2011

Food Presentations for Week of November 14

On the night before your presentation, prepare your dish. Include the following in your presentation. You may use notes, but don't read the whole thing.
· name of dish
· country of origin
· ingredients
· steps you took to prepare it
· something interesting about what happened

Example of your presentation:
Mi plato es....
Es de....
Los ingridientes son.....
Primero yo.....

This is the rubric being used to evaluate your oral presentation. Remember you are not assessed on the food, rather the quality of you oral presentation. Your presentation will be recorded.


Block 2
Monday - Jenni, Sarah, Brenna, Jannke
Tuesday - Majesta, Stormie, Mandy
Wednesday - Julia, Fran, Allison
Thursday - Matt, Rashan, Tijo, Ashley
Friday - Jeremy, David, Asia

Monday - Hailey, Elizabeth, Mateo, Taylor
Tuesday - Emilies, Steven
Wednesday - Nicks, Patrick, Quinton
Thursday - Sean, Alex, Michela, Brianna
Friday - Rachel, Joe, Eric, Tess