February 17, 2012

Block 2 Sub Plan for Friday, Feb 17

Hi guys. Nice job on your assessments yesterday. We'll finish up editing videos on Tuesday. You will be given a rather large grammar review packet. In it is essential, basic grammar rules. Much of it you learned last year and some is new to you. You all were saying that you seemed to be lacking some of the basics to putting sentences together in Spanish. Understanding the grammar in this packet will REALLY help you. So, what I want you to do is to read through the entire packet. I want you to write in it. Think about what you understand or don't understand. Think about new topics that appear that you would like to learn more about. While your are technically just reading and taking notes, this activity requires MUCH THOUGHT to be of lasting value. Please make your effort today the best it can be. If you do, I promise you, understanding all of that stuff will take you miles in Spanish! Good luck and enjoy your long weekend!!!