February 8, 2012

Sample Assessment for Chapter 1

This is a sample of what you will be expected to do at the end of this unit. You'll do it in class without notes. In addition, you'll be creating a video.


To check-in with a ticket agent at an airport.


You took a trip to Spain. You are checking in at the airport in Madrid for your flight home. Write and perform a dialogue between you and your ticket agent.


  • Work in pairs
  • One partner is the ticket agent and the other the traveler
  • Write a diallogue with your partner without using any notes, etc.
  • Your dialogue should include questions and answers about at least 6 of the following
    • Destination
    • Luggage
    • Carry-on luggage
    • Flight number
    • Boarding time
    • Departure time
    • Gate number
    • Boarding pass
    • Seat (number, window, aisle, etc.)
  • You must use the present progressive tense at least twice
  • Each partner must write his/her own copy of the dialogue
  • One complete copy of the dialogue must be submitted to Mr. Jannke
  • Practice your dialogue with your partner at least 3 times
  • On day 2 of this assessment, partners will have a chance to practice their conversation one final time
  • Dialogues will be presented and recorded