May 1, 2012

Restaurant Video

You'll write, perform, record and produce a video of a situation in a restaurant. The final video is due Monday May 7.

  1. Break in to groups of 3 or 4 students
  2. Select one person to be the waiter
  3. Identify the name and menu for the restaurant
  4. Write a roll play where the waiter takes orders and serves food to clients (the other students)
  5. Have Mr. Jannke edit the script
  6. Revise the script
  7. Practice the roll play
  8. Record the skit on a video camera
  9. Produce a film using iMovie or Windows Media Maker
Project Requirements
  • Appropriate greetings
  • The waiter must ask for drinks, meals and desserts at separate times
  • All clients must order (speak) more or less equally
  • Someone must ask for a recommendation
  • One client must ask for the bill
  • The clients must discuss leaving a tip
  • The waiter must make at least one mistake (e.g. serving the wrong food)
Feel free to add humor, but keep your choice of vocab to that learned in Spanish 1 and 2. See our departmental oral interpersonal rubric for expectations and evaluation criteria. Remember these are minimum requirements; go above and beyond!