June 6, 2012

Performance Assessment on Chapters 5 & 6

Due on June 8, 2012

Performance Assessment
Title: Problemas Técnicas
Type: oral and written
Format: video with script
Assessment: oral rubric and writing rubric are worth 50% each
Performance Goal: demonstrate that you can have a telephone conversation about various technical problems that you are having, and to talk about what you are going to do about them
Vocabulary: technology and telephone conversations
Grammar: use of the preterite and imperfect together, use of the future tense
Situation: You are trying to get your homework done, keep up with your friends online and via text, etc., however you are having a nightmare of a day with technology. Everything seems to be going wrong. You cannot accomplish your homework, chat with friends, etc. So you call one of your friends on the only working phone you can find and you proceed to explain your woes. To your surprise your friend is having similar problems with technology. You each share your stories. You each explain what you are going to do about your problems.
  1. Partner up
  2. Write a phone conversation per the above situation
  3. Include a minimum of 6 questions total
  4. Each partner must use a minimum of 3 preterite & 3 imperfect verbs
  5. Each partner must say at least 2 sentences with include both a preterite and imperfect verb
  6. Each partner must use the future tense once
  7. Your dialogue must include at least 6 new vocab words from chapter 6
  8. Write a final draft of your conversation
  9. Record a video of you phone conversations
  10. Submit both the script and video