September 4, 2012

Block 3 "Homework" for Thursday and Monday

So, I messed up on the time in class today and did not pass out your homework; still adjusting to the new schedule. Anyhow, your next homework assignment, which will now be due Monday, is to complete two verb tables, one in the present tense and the other in the preterite past tense.

For Thursday: To prepare for Thursday's class, please review the present and preterite tenses again. In addition, please review the imperfect and future tense verb conjugations.

For Monday: If you want to get started on the homework for Monday, this is the verb table you'll need to complete. Print it out twice and complete it once in the present tense and once in the preterite. If you can't print this or don't have time now, don't worry, I'll hand this out to you on Thursday and you can do it over the weekend.

For advise on how to "review" these verb tenses see my prior post here.

Any questions, please email or stop by and see me.