October 30, 2012

SP3 Plan for Whenever We Return to School!

The quiz we had scheduled for last Monday will be given the first day we return to school, whenever that may be, so come prepared! Look over your handout and notes on direct object pronouns. More info here...

Also, their will still be an assessment on food and subjunctives before the quarter ends, so this will happen in the second class meeting after we return. So in the end, nothing is changing from the original plan, everything is just bumped up a day for each day we have off. Hope to see you soon. Enjoy!

October 25, 2012

Classwork for Thurs/Friday

  • eBook - Capítulo 1 - Grammar - Activity 4
  • eBook - Capítulo 1 - Prepárate para el examen - Self-check for achievement - Activities 1, 2 & 3

October 23, 2012

SP3 Homework due Thurs/Fri (Oct 25/26)

estudio.quia.com - Workbook - Chapter 1 - GRAMMAR 1 - Activity C

How to See What You Submit to eStudio

If you want to see the work you have or have not submitted to eStudio, these are the instructions. Logon to eStudio. Click on the eWorkbook. Under MY TOOLS click on RESULTS. Click on the workbook, chapter, etc. that you want to view. You'll see a listing of what you have or have not done including the date/time you submitted. To view the answers that you posted click on the little View Results icon, which looks like a little clipboard.

October 22, 2012

Practice for Monday (29) Quiz on Direct Object Pronouns

This is a basic description of direct object pronouns. You can read it in addition to the handout I gave you today.

Prepare for next Monday's quiz by completing this page: http://studyspanish.com/practice/dopro1.htm

SP3 Homework due Tues/Wed (Oct 23/24)

Read the following story. Answer the questions below the story. Click on the story to zoom in.

Answers to Homework Grammar 1 A & B

October 18, 2012

Inmersión: PowerPoint de LNVA

Buscen donde dice "Resources for Educators" para ver su obra de arte para preparar para su segunda presentación.

Presentaciones de arte del LNVA para español inmersión bloque 4

el martes (22 de octubre)
Jordan, Rachel, Bre, Jess, Samantha

el jueves (24 de octubre)
Andres, Quinton, Sarah, Alex, Mandy, Katherine, Rosie, Joycelynn

SP3 Homework due Monday (Oct 22)

estudio.quia.com - Workbook - Chapter 1 - GRAMMAR 1
Activities A and B

Also, study for the quiz on este/esta, ese/esa, and aquel/aquella (plus the plural forms).

October 16, 2012

SP3 Homework due Thurs/Fri (18/19) OPTIONAL

Optional homework....complete the packet on this and that (este, ese, aquel, etc.)

October 15, 2012

SP3 Homework due Tues/Wed (Oct 16/17)

estudio.quia.com - WORKBOOK - CHAPTER 1 - VOCABULARY - E, F and G

October 12, 2012

SP3 Homework due Monday (Oct 15)

estudio.quia.com - WORKBOOK - CHAPTER 1 - VOCABULARY - A, B, C and D

October 11, 2012

SP3 Lab Activities Thurs/Friday

  • Go to www.glencoe.com  código ASD7844c1 and practice vocab flash cards for 5 mins
  • Login to estudio.quia.com
  • Enter your email address in eStudio (so I can email you your password if you forget)
  • Do Acivities 1 and 5 in eBook Chapter 1 Vocabulary
  • Go to My Tools - Voice Board

October 10, 2012

Proyecto de arte para español inmersión bloque 7

Este es el horario de sus presentaciones.

el lunes (15 de octubre)
Jose - Picasso, España

el viernes (19 de octubre)
Elizabeth B - Miguel Barcelo, España
Savanah - Joan Miró, España
Greg - Mario Bencomo, Cuba

el lunes (22 de octubre)
Rosie - Diego Rivera, Mexico
Kylie - Joaquin Sorolla, España

el miercoles (24 de octubre)
Gabby - Diego Velazquez, España
Sarah - Fernando Gallego, España
Samantha - El Greco, España
Andrea - Luiz Royo, España
Meghan - Antonio Gisbert
Elizabeth H - Dali, España
Evan - Carlos Haes, España
Alexis - Frieda Kahlo, Mexico
Mike - Fernando Botero, Colombia
Caile - 
Brenna - ?

October 9, 2012

Latin Views 2012

SP3 Homework for Thurs/Fri (Oct 11/12)

Complete activity 2 on page 6 of your book.

This is a basic reading activity, which will help you read, decode and become more familiar with the new food related vocabulary.

SP3 Vocab Handouts from Tues/Weds (Oct 9/10)

These are the vocabulary handouts for our food unit (chapter 1). A Spanish only version is provided with photos or there is a traditional English/Spanish vocal list. Use the one that works best for your learning style, or both.

Proyecto de arte para español inmersión bloque 4

Este es el horario de sus presentaciones.

el jueves (11 de octubre)
Josh - James de la Vega, Puerto Rico/NYC
Jordan - Pablo Serrano, España 

el martes (16 de octubre)
Rachel - Pablo Vidor, Chile
Andres - El Greco, España
Samantha - Dali, España
Quinton - Dali, España

el jueves (18 de octubre)
Sarah - Julio Valdez, Re
Alex - Joan Miró, España
Mandy - Juan Muñoz, España
Jess - Oscar Dominques, Islas Canarias
Katherine - Marcia Gerrero

el lunes (22 de octubre)

Rosie -
Bre - Miquel Barcela, España
Joycelynn - Picasso, España

Si quieres cambiar artistas, esta bien, pero hay que avisarme.

October 6, 2012

SP3 Homework for Columbus Day Weekend

OK, let's keep reviewing. So sometime over the weekend take a look at the second half of the 100 most common Spanish verbs. Pick 5 verbs that you are NOT so familiar with and click to the right of the verb, where is say something like "pagar conjugations," or whatever verb you picked. Take a look at the conjugations. You should see that the verb is pretty normal in the future and imperfect tenses. Now, for each of the 5 verbs, determine what "category" of verb you would consider it in the present and preterite tenses. By category I mean like boot, irregular, etc. for the present and things like UV, Jotas, -car verbs, etc. for the preterite. If you what to do this for more than 5 verbs, go for it! (Remember what I said at the end of class, this is not a graded assignment, but you still need to do it to keep up.)

October 3, 2012

After School Help

For those struggling with our month of review, please make the time to stay after school to practice. I will be available on Wednesdays and Fridays. I have a senior who will tutor you on Mondays. So, stay after today or Friday or next week, the sooner the better ;)

October 2, 2012

SP3 2nd Homework for Thurs/Fri (Oct 4/5)

Reflect back on the month of September and all of our review thus far. Look at your work, especially the rubrics that I have given you. Think of verb conjugations: the present, preterite and imperfect. Write a reflection IN ENGLISH of your current strengths, weaknesses and strategies to improve over the coming weeks.

SP3 1st Homework for Thurs/Fri (Oct 4/5)

Complete Activity 3 on page R45 of your book. That's R45, not the regular 45.

October 1, 2012

Homework for Tues/Wed (2/3)

Use the imperfect handouts and/or page R43 of your book to review imperfect verb conjugations.

Practice conjugating regular imperfect verbs
Practice conjugating the 3 irregular imperfect verbs

Complete the following activities to help you better understand the imperfect.