December 21, 2012

Enjoy Break!!!

Like I said in class today/ all did a fabulous job writing complex subjunctive sentences about Sweet 15. Frankly, I plan to save them and use the as models for future students. You worked very hard over the last week+. Each of you made many mistakes, but you also continually improved your writing and sentence structure, in most cases nearly to the point of "perfection." I am really proud of your efforts! I hope you have a great break. No homework in Spanish! Well, no formal homework, but if you get the urge or want to keep the flame lit, take a minute or two over break to listen to a song in Spanish or tune into channel 18 (often called the "Spanish Cannel," but really called Univision) or text a friend in Spanish or anything else you can imagine. !Disfruten!

December 20, 2012

Another Reminder for Block 6 Tomorrow

Another reminder....your final edits and sentences must be done electronically BEFORE class tomorrow.

December 19, 2012

SP3 HW/Assessment Due Thurs/Friday (20/21)

Sweet 15 Project  is due before class on Thursday for block 3 and before class on Friday for block 6.

December 17, 2012

My Feedback on Your Sentences

You'll note in Google Drive/Docs that I bold some of your words, usually verbs. This means there is a problem with what I've bolded. Also, in the upper right above your document contents, you'll see a Comment button next to the Share button. Click on the Comment button to see more feedback. I will work on block 3 tonight and block 6 tomorrow.

SP3 HW Due Tues/Wed (18/19)

Continue writing and improving your sentences about Sweet 15. You must open, add to and edit your document before the next class to receive homework credit. If you are not using Google Drive/Docs, then you must email me your changes before our next class. Here are suggested changes:
  • Write more sentences
  • Be sure your sentences meet the project requirements
  • Use the handout from class today as a guide and check to be sure each of your sentences includes all of the 5 major components necessary to be a good subjunctive sentence
  • Try using sorprender as I explained in class, here is more of an explanation 
  • Email me questions or write your questions for me in your Google Doc
  • Remember you final sentences are due Thursday and Friday

December 14, 2012

SP3 HW due Monday (17)

You must share the Google Doc that you created during our last class with me. Share it to If you prefer, you may email me, as well. This must be done by Sunday night.

December 11, 2012

SP3 HW due Thurs/Fri (13/14)

Pick any two rows from your table of notes from "Sweet 15." Write two sentences using the information in your notes. The sentences should follow this model. Marta desea que tenga un novio.

December 4, 2012

SP3 HW due Thurs/Fri (6/7)

Go to, login and go to Chapter 3 of the eBook.
  1. Go to Vocabulario 1 and complete activities 1, 2, and 4
  2. Go to Vocabulario 2 and complete activites 1-4, & 6 (note that in activity 2 some of the questions use the preterite past and future tenses.
Practice conjugating the harder subjunctive verbs for 5-10 minutes here

December 3, 2012

SP3 HW due Tues/Wed (4/5) - Workbook - Chapter 3 - Vocabulary 1 - Activities A & B