March 27, 2013

SP3 Verb Practice = HOMEWORK!

Practice conjugating the following verbs for at least 10 minutes a day between now and next week.

March 21, 2013

SP3 HW for Monday March 25

Complete both sides of the review worksheet.

SP3 Major Reading Assessment

On Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, March 26/27, we will have a major reading assessment. You will be given a story like the 2 we read in class and you will have to answer questions in Spanish in complete sentences. All major verb tenses that you have learned in Spanish 1-3 will be used in the story and you will be expected to use all these tenses in the answers to the questions in order to respond to the prompts accurately.

March 14, 2013

Horario de presentaciones de géneros


Jordan - saya
Rachel - merengue


Bre - alternativa
Catherine - ska
Josh - reggaetón
Jess - mambo
Andres - flamenco
Sarah - techo
Alex - clasica
Rosy - bachata
Mandy - tinkus

Joycelynn - rock
Quinton -

March 7, 2013

Vocabulario de música

Inmersión - Presentaciones

Preparar una presentación para la clase que incluye lo siguiente.
· Género
· De donde es originalmente
· La hístoria del género
· Explicación del estilo, como el rítmo, instrumentos, etc.
· Ejemplos de grupos o cantantes
· Hay que enseñarnos un ejemplo/s

Géneros de music en español

· ska
· reggae
· alternativa
· pop
· rock
· merengue
· salsa
· rap
· reggaetón
· mambo
· flamenco
· techno
· tango
· tejano
· cumbia
· metal
· samba
· andina
· bachata
· son
· saya
· huayno
· tinkus
· marinera
· calypso
· dembow
· negroide
· rumba
· quebradita
· duranguense
· polca
· bolero

March 4, 2013

Block 3 HW for Thurs

Answer all of the questions in activities A and B on the back of the cartoon we read today in class. Answers must be in complete sentences!

March 1, 2013

More Classwork on Verbs

Translate the following sentences. Use all of your verb chart.

  • Tomorrow we will go to school.
  • I would have studied more.
  • Yesterday, I ate tacos.
  • ¿Would you visit China?
  • When I am 50 years old, I will have a lot of money.
  • My mom would have washed the dishes, but she didn't have time.
  • We already had seen the movie, Titanic.