May 30, 2013

Classwork ThursdayFriday May 30/31 Blocks 3/6

Read the following 3 articles about Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera: two of Mexico's most famous artists. Develop a Ven Diagram which details what the two had in common and what made each unique. The Ven Diagram should be very well thought out and specific and should be in English.

May 28, 2013

SP3 HW due Thurs/Fri (May 30/31) - Workbook - Chapter 7
  • Vocabulary 1 Activity F
  • Vocabulary 2 Activity D

SP3 Classwork for Tues/Wed (May 28/29)

While we are in the computer lab on Tues/Wed, complete the following activities. - eBook (NOT the WB) - Chapter 7
Vocabulary 1 - Activities 1 through 4
Vocabulary 2 - Activities 1 through 6

May 23, 2013

SP3 HW Due Tues/Wed (May 28/29) - Workbook - Chapter 7 - Vocabulary 2 - Activity B

May 21, 2013

SP3 HW due Thurs/Fri (23/24) - Workbook - Chapter 7 - Vocabulary 1 - Activities A, B and C.

May 17, 2013

Assembly Wednesday May 22

During AIM 60 on Wednesday there will be an assembly in the auditorium for most of the school. (Several advisories are participating in a survey instead.)

LHS class of 1987 alumna Beth Brundage Murphy and her work will be the focus. Beth is a very successful documentary filmmaker and she will show us clips from her latest project, What Tomorrow Brings.

What Tomorrow Brings is about the extremely complicated issue of educating girls in Afghanistan. Beth returned from filming earlier this month and LHS will be the first to see her footage.

Beth was a girl from Ledyard...

May 9, 2013

SP3 HW due Monday 5/13 - Workbook - Chapter 6 - Grammar 3 - Activities A and B

May 7, 2013

Grammar Explanation from Today's Class

Download this PDF for the SMART notes from today.

SP3 HW for Thur/Fri (9/10)

Go to and go to the TEXTBOOK (the eBook not the workbook). Then find Capítulo 6 - Prepárate para el examen - Self-check for achievement. Complete the following. Note: you could also just use your textbook pgs. 192-193.
  1. Activity 3 numbers 16, 17, 21, 23 & 25
  2. Activity 4 numbers 29 and 31
So in total you have seven sentences to complete. Good luck!

May 6, 2013

Optional HW for SP3

Create two sentences from this recipe.

1) First, write an independent clause using the future tense. So in other words something like this....
Yo voy a mirar la televisión 
2) Then pick one of our new conjunctions related to time (cuando, en cuando, tan pronto como, hasta que, después de que). In this case I'll pick....
hasta que
3) Finally, finish out the sentence with a dependent clause using the subjective. Remember what happens in the future, may or may not actually happen! In this case I'll say....
mi madre venga a casa

So the whole sentence is formed by combining the 3 parts...
Yo voy a mirar la televisió madre venga a casa.

So the final sentence is...
Yo voy a mirar la televisión hasta que mi madre venga a casa.

Try two of your own. Remember start with the FUTURE tense and finish with the SUBJUNCTIVE.