June 13, 2013

Spanish 3 Final Exam Review Guide

Prompt #1 - Getting Ready and Running Errands
Read a story and answer comprehension questions in full sentences.
  • Review chapter 4 handouts and book
  • Know vocab related to the post office, laundromat, hair salon and bank
  • Know the difference between the past and conditional perfect tenses
    • habría hablado = I would have spoken
    • había hablado = I had spoken (usually used with ya, meaning already)
Prompt # 2 - Travel and Airports
Write a detailed description of a photograph of people in an airport.
  • Review chapter 6 handouts and book
  • Know travel vocabulary from chapter 6
  • Know the difference between the following phrases and when to use subjunctive or not (chapter 4 grammar)
    • dudo que
    • no creo que
    • no dudo que
    • creo que
Prompt #3 - Frida Kahlo
Write a paragraph or more describing the life of Frida Kahlo in Spanish.

Prompt #4 - Frida Kahlo's Art
Write a paragraph describing one of Frida's works of art in Spanish (choose from one of 2 pieces that I will provide...see post below).