June 3, 2013

Spanish 3 Major Oral Assessment on Art

Over the course of the next week and a half, we will continue our study of art, Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. However, Sr. Jannke will not speak English during class time. Each day we will see clips from the movie Frida, review relevant vocabulary, discuss samples of art from both artists and discuss the artists themselves.

So, the next 4 classes will be in 100% Spanish. I will use basic vocabulary to help you comprehend: vocab that I have already (or will) introduced. Over the course of these 4 days it is imperative that you participate fully in the following ways.

  • Listen closely to all the Spanish spoken
  • Try to speak as much Spanish as you can; especially ask questions
  • Take notes! (in English and/or Spanish)
Why do you need to do all of this? Well, next week, you'll have to prop yourself up in front of a microphone and record your response to the following prompt. You will do this on your own in the hall, not in front of me or the class.

Prompt: Choose to discuss either Diego or Frida. Describe the artist and/or his/her work. You may include biographical information, factual descriptive information about his/her work, opinions of the artist and/or work, etc. Essentially, you can tell me anything you want about the artist and/or his/her work. Your mini-oral presentation must last between 3 and 5 minutes. You may never use English during your presentation.

Recording Dates:
  • Block 3 - June 13, Thursday
  • Block 6 - June 14, Friday
You will be scored using our departmental presentational rubric (on the reverse side of the printed version of this page).

Important note: YOU CAN DO IT!!! There are students of all abilities in our class. Don't compare yourself to others. Don't be afraid, it's ok to make mistakes. If you feel overwhelmed, keep your mini-presentation super basic; you could even use Spanish I grammar (along with the new vocab, of course) to do this well. Take a deep breath.

Everyone needs to try very hard to be engaged in all three classes this week. Over the weekend you can begin to prepare using your notes. On Monday, June 10, I will help you prepare further though one-on-one support.