October 2, 2013

SP3 Three Small Writing Assessments

You'll write 3 awesome paragraphs. Each will count as a separate "Small Assessment." This rubric will be used to score each. I will provide you feedback twice on each of your paragraphs, so you will have multiple opportunities to edit and revise your work.  So for the Accuracy strand of the rubric, you should do well. For the Content strand, you must respond to the prompt and have a minimum of 8 sentences in each paragraph. For the Effort strand you need to focus on developing complex and compound sentences, and of course you are encouraged to write more than 8 sentences. These are the prompts.
  1. Write a paragraph about what is happening in the picture I gave you (present tense).
  2. Write a paragraph about what you and your family are going to do over the Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks (use the lazy future or the formal future tense).
  3. Write a paragraph about what you did over the summer using both the preterite and imperfect together.