January 17, 2017

Sweet 15 Writing Project

Using the notes you took while watching Sweet 15, write ten sentences, which describe various characters' wishes and emotions that things might happen. As a minimum, your project must include the following.
  • 10 unique sentences that you write
  • each sentence must include the use of the subjunctive for expressing desires and emotions
  • each sentence must have an independent and dependent clause joined by "que"
  • at least 4 unique verbs in the independent clauses (present)
  • at least 4 unique verbs in the dependent clauses (subjunctive)
  • at least 4 new vocabulary words from chapter 3 of your book
Keep in mind that the subject (the person) in the independent and dependent clauses must be different, if you are creating proper sentences with the subjunctive. Other details include:
  • you must edit and review your sentences at least once
  • your work must include proper accents
  • your sentences must be based on what you actually saw in the movie
  • you must submit your work electronically via Google Docs (share your work with kjannke@ledyard.net)
  • this is the rubric for assessing you work
  • you must go above and beyond the above minimum requirements
The first draft in Google Docs is due Friday night, January 20, at 11:59 pm for both 2A an 4A.

You will revise the draft during part of your mid-term exam period. You should have your final draft done by the end of the exam period.

If you don't finish the final draft during the exam period, it must be completed by Friday night, January 27, at 11:59 pm for both classes.