February 8, 2016

Spanish 3 Food Days

This message is for both my block 2A and 2B classes. Hope you all are enjoying the long weekend!

Obviously, our food days and its schedule got all messed up. Plus we had folks make food and then not be able to bring it in. Plus, folks can't necessarily shop today. If you already made food and don't want to make it again, I won't force you. If you can't get to a store today, I won't force you. The plan for Tuesday and Wednesday will be more like this...

If you can bring in food tomorrow/Wednesday, PLEASE do so, regardless of wether or not you were originally scheduled for last week or the next two days.

In class, we will see who brings in food and then have the rest of the folks bring in food for Thurs/Fri.

The moral of the story is no one will be forced to do anything, but if you can bring in food for Tues/Wed, please, please do; we want to continue the fun!!

A big thanks to everyone who can pull it together for Tues/Wed, and we'll regroup for Thurs/Fri.

Enjoy the day,

Sr. Jannke