March 18, 2016

SP3 HW Blocks 2A/2B Due Mon/Tues March 21/22

Write complete sentence answers to questions 3-6 in activity 11 on the worksheet from last class. Write sentences giving your opinion using creo and no creo.

March 15, 2016

Presentación de Comida Bloque 4B

Find a dish from a Spanish speaking part of the world. Write the recipe. On the night before your presentation, prepare your dish. Include the following in your presentation. You may use notes, but don't read the whole thing.
  • name of dish
  • country of origin
  • ingredients
  • steps, using commands (tu or Ud), or infinitive, or passive voice
  • state something interesting about what happened while preparing it (mistake, something funny, anything that happened.... use past tense)

March 1, 2016

SP3 HW Block 2B Due Fri 3/4

Conjugate 1 verb of your choice on the complext chart that I gave you. Complete EVERYTHING except the greyed out area.

SP3 HW Block 2A Due Thurs 3/3

Label photos with the new vocab words (see two handouts from Monday)