April 24, 2012

Homework for Thurs, April 25

Write 3 awesome sentences about what happened in the movie, Tortilla Soup. You must use traer and/or servir, in the past tense. Lauren and Paige don't need to to it, since they did it already.

Food Presentation Schedule

Friday 4/20 - Ocean, David, Albert
Monday 4/23 - Paige, Lauren, Ashlei
Tues 4/24 - Zack, Kavan, Cody
Wed 4/25 - Brandon, Haley, Tylor
Thurs 4/26 - Nate, Adam, Leslie

April 18, 2012

Vocab Useful for Preparing Foods

These lists will be very helpful with your food presentations

Food Vocab and Flashcards

These vocab lists match the flash cards you made in class.

April 5, 2012

Presentaciones de Música (Conv. Spanish)

  • Género
  • De donde es originalmente
  • La hístoria del género
  • Explicación del estilo, como el rítmo, instrumentos, etc.
  • Ejemplos de grupos o cantantes
  • Hay que enseñarnos un ejemplo/s

Homework for Monday After Break

Look at the next 3 posts. Pick a dish from a Spanish-speaking part of the world, which you'll prepare for the class (later next week, just pick the dish for now). See the details of the presentation, too.

Requirements for Food Presentation

On the night before your presentation, prepare your dish. Include the following in your presentation. You may use notes, but don't read the whole thing.
  • name of dish
  • country of origin
  • ingredients
  • steps you took to prepare it
  • something interesting about what happened
Example of your presentation:
Mi plato es....
Es de....
Los ingridientes son.....
Primero yo.....

This is the rubric being used to evaluate your oral presentation. Remember you are not assessed on the food, rather the quality of you oral presentation. Your presentation will be recorded.

Foods Selected (so far)

David - Torta de Mandarina y cafe con leche
Lauren - Empanada de manzana o Quesada Austuriana
Kavan - Magdelenas
Leslie - Esenadas or Spanish Wedding Cakes
Zach - Empanadas de carne
Ocean - Tortilla
Cody - Tamal de maicena
Tylor - Horchat
Brandon - Patatas Bravas
Paige - Alfajorcitos de chocolate
Albert - Flan
Ashlei - arroz pollo y algo
Adam - Flan
Haley -???
Nate - orange juice type thing

Where to Start Looking for Food

April 4, 2012

Homework for Thursday

estudio.quia.com Workbook - Chapter 4 - Vocabulary 1 - Activity E

April 3, 2012

Homework for Wednesday

Review food vocab flashcards by going to www.glencoe.com and entering Quick Pass code ASD7837c4. Practice the vocab one flash cards for chapter 4.

Look over these two new vocab lists of foods. How many do you know already?

Food Unit

We are starting a two week unit revolving around food today. Much of what you will learn will come from chapter 4 in your book. You'll learn tons of food vocabulary. You'll learn how to read recipes and describe how you prepared some dish. You'll learn to order in a restaurant. Oh, and you'll eat food! You'll have three assessments in this unit. The first will be a presentation which looks like this. For the second one you'll role play a scene in a restaurant. You'll be assessed on your oral skills. The final major assessment will looks something like this.