January 30, 2013

SP3 HW Due Monday 2/4

estudio.quia.com - Workbook - Chapter 4 - Grammar 1 - Activities A, B, & C

January 14, 2013

Midterm Exam for Spanish 3

The midterm will consist of 4 parts.
  1. You'll be presented a picture of a scene of a family at home. You'll use the preterite and imperfect tenses to write a paragraph describing what happened and what's happening in the picture. What to study...
  2. You'll write a recipe of a common dish using the command form of verbs. You will be presented with a word bank, but you will need to conjugate verbs, etc. What to study...
  3. You'll read a dialogue which will be in the yo/tú form and then you'll describe the dialogue using the él/ella/ellos/ellas forms. The dialogue will be between students discussing school and will include many subjunctive clauses, so you'll be expected to write subjunctive clauses in your descriptions. What to study...
  4. You'll write a dialogue between a 15 year old hispanic girl and her parents. In the dialogue, everyone will be talking about wishes, emotions, desires, etc. related to her quinceañera using subjunctive clauses. What to study...

January 11, 2013

No Homework this Weekend

No homework for Monday, January 14. We will review for the mid-term all next week and pick up with our unit on chores after exams. If you were out sick this week, be sure to finish the online homework in the last post by Monday. Ciao

January 7, 2013

SP3 HW Due Thurs/Fri (10/11)

estudio.quia.com - Workbook - Chapter 4 - Vocabulary - Activities A, B, C, D and F

January 3, 2013

SP3 HW due Monday (1/7)

estudio.quia.com - Workbook - Chapter 3 - Grammar 3 - Activities A, B and C (just the first half of C)