February 24, 2015

SP3 HW Block 2B Due Thurs Feb 26

Complete the worksheet on Cuando Pienses en Volver. Be sure to completely finish the translations in part 4.

February 23, 2015

SP3 HW Block 3A Due Wed Feb 25

Complete the worksheet on Cuando Pienses en Volver. Be sure to completely finish the translations in part 4.

February 22, 2015

Final Edits of Sweet 15 By Jannke

I finished all my final edits and reedits of your projects as of 12:45 pm on Sunday. I will be traveling this afternoon and evening. If you have any questions, please email and I will TRY to answer them late tonight when I arrive home, no guarantees.

February 20, 2015

Sweet 15 Project Due Date

You project is now due by midnight on Sunday, February 22.

February 11, 2015

SP3 Recommended Subjunctive Verb Practice

Please practice conjugating subjunctive verbs. Click here for PRACTICE. Click here for a VERB CHART.

SP3 HW Blocks 3A/2B Due Midnight Monday Feb 16

By midnight on Monday, February 16, have 10 sentences written for your Sweet 15 project. Write them in Google Drive and share them with kjannke@ledyard.net.

SP3 Blocks 3A/2B Sweet 15 Project Description

Using the notes you took while watching Sweet 15, write ten sentences, which describe various characters' wishes and emotions that things might happen. As a minimum, your project must include the following.
  • 10 unique sentences that you write
  • each sentence must include the use of the subjunctive for expressing desires and emotions
  • each sentence must have an independent and dependent clause joined by "que"
  • at least 4 unique verbs in the independent clauses (present)
  • at least 4 unique verbs in the dependent clauses (subjunctive)
  • at least 4 new vocabulary words from chapter 3 of your book
Keep in mind that the subject (the person) in the independent and dependent clauses must be different, if you are creating proper sentences with the subjunctive. Other details include:
  • you must edit and review your sentences at least once
  • your work must include proper accents
  • your sentences must be based on what you actually saw in the movie
  • you must submit your work electronically preferably via Google Drive
  • this is the rubric for assessing you work
  • you must go above and beyond the above minimum requirements
All changes to your Google Doc must be complete by Sunday, February 22 for both classes.