November 6, 2015

Prompt 3 Tutorial

Trying to help you here a bit with prompt #3. Here's the prompt.

What did you give and buy to/for who last December? Or, what will you buy and give to who this December? (include at least 4 indirect object pronouns)

So, you need to say things like "I bought a piano for my mom" or "I gave my little brother a book."

So, first and foremost, you need to use comprar and dar, but in the "yo" form, since you are saying "I gave" or "I bought."

Dar in the past (preterit) goes to di, diste, dio, dimos, dieron
Comprar in the past (preterit) goes to compré, compraste, compró, compramos, compraron

So, di and compare are the key verbs (I gave and I bought).

I bought a piano for my mom.
Le compré un piano a mi madre.
The le is "for whom" you bought the piano, so it means "for her" and the "a mi madre" clarifies what le means.

I gave my little brother a book.
Le di un libro a mi hermano.
The le is "to whom" you gave the book, so it means "to him" and the "a mi hermano" clarifies what le means.

The above and beyond sentences would look like this...
Mi padre me dio mucho dinero.
So here your father gave (dio) and to whom?, to me.