February 29, 2012

No HW Tonight

No new HW due Thursday. Study vocab!

February 28, 2012

Homework Due Feb 29

estudio.quia.com - capítulo 2 - workbook - gramática 1 - actividades B, C, D y E

Today's Lesson

Simón Dice

Oral Interview - Interview everyone in the class using the following questions. Students should respond in complete sentences with reflexive pronouns as needed. Record answers in the table provided.

  1. ¿A qué hora te levantas durante la semana?
  2. ¿A qué hora te despiertas por el fin de semana?
  3. ¿A qué hora te levantas por el fin de semana?
  4. Típicamente, ¿te duchas por la mañana or por la noche?
  5. ¿Cuántas veces al día te cepillas los dientes?
  6. ¿Te lavas las manos después de usar el baño?

Grammar Lesson


February 24, 2012

Homework for the Weekend

If you didn't do the homework that was due today (see last post), then complete it over the weekend. In addition, review the vocab from chapter 2 again. Make flash cards, have someone quiz you, look at chapter 2 in the book or online, or go to www.glencoe.com and enter code ASD7837c2 to practice the vocabulary using the online eFlashcards.

February 23, 2012

Homework Due Friday Feb 24

estudio.quia.com - Chapter 2 - Workbook

  • Vocabulary 1 - Activities A, B
  • Vocabulary 2 - Activity A
  • Grammar 1 - Activity A

February 21, 2012

Spanish II Update

Nice job on the videos today. We'll be starting chapter 2 tomorrow. Look over the vocab and review the grammar packet that I gave you last Friday.

February 17, 2012

Block 2 Sub Plan for Friday, Feb 17

Hi guys. Nice job on your assessments yesterday. We'll finish up editing videos on Tuesday. You will be given a rather large grammar review packet. In it is essential, basic grammar rules. Much of it you learned last year and some is new to you. You all were saying that you seemed to be lacking some of the basics to putting sentences together in Spanish. Understanding the grammar in this packet will REALLY help you. So, what I want you to do is to read through the entire packet. I want you to write in it. Think about what you understand or don't understand. Think about new topics that appear that you would like to learn more about. While your are technically just reading and taking notes, this activity requires MUCH THOUGHT to be of lasting value. Please make your effort today the best it can be. If you do, I promise you, understanding all of that stuff will take you miles in Spanish! Good luck and enjoy your long weekend!!!

February 16, 2012

Friday Feb 17

I'll be out of school tomorrow, Friday, for a More Than Words workshop. We'll start a new unit (chapter 2) on Tuesday. Enjoy the long weekend.

February 14, 2012

First Major Assessment Tomorrow

Study, study, study tonight as we'll do our first big assessment in class tomorrow. Reminder it is closed book and the sample assessment which is similar to the one you will do tomorrow was posted here.

February 10, 2012

Homework for the Weekend

Some of you still seem rusty with the new vocabulary. Look over the packet I gave you or chapter 1 of your book. Have someone quiz you on the vocabulary. Alternatively, you could do the online flashcards on the glencoe.com site. The QuickPass code is ASD7837c1. Review the present progressive tense. Finally, it can't hurt to review the vocab from Spanish I that I gave you at the beginning of the course. Enjoy the weekend.

February 9, 2012

Tarea para 10/2

estudio.quia.com - Workbook - Chapter 1 - Workbook - Grammar 2 - Activities A, B & C

February 8, 2012

Homework for Thursday Feb 9

  1. Read over the details of what your first major assessment may be like.
  2. Do these online activities to practice vocab.
  3. Watch the Chapter 1 vocab video found in the Chapter Video tab in your eBook.

Sample Assessment for Chapter 1

This is a sample of what you will be expected to do at the end of this unit. You'll do it in class without notes. In addition, you'll be creating a video.


To check-in with a ticket agent at an airport.


You took a trip to Spain. You are checking in at the airport in Madrid for your flight home. Write and perform a dialogue between you and your ticket agent.


  • Work in pairs
  • One partner is the ticket agent and the other the traveler
  • Write a diallogue with your partner without using any notes, etc.
  • Your dialogue should include questions and answers about at least 6 of the following
    • Destination
    • Luggage
    • Carry-on luggage
    • Flight number
    • Boarding time
    • Departure time
    • Gate number
    • Boarding pass
    • Seat (number, window, aisle, etc.)
  • You must use the present progressive tense at least twice
  • Each partner must write his/her own copy of the dialogue
  • One complete copy of the dialogue must be submitted to Mr. Jannke
  • Practice your dialogue with your partner at least 3 times
  • On day 2 of this assessment, partners will have a chance to practice their conversation one final time
  • Dialogues will be presented and recorded

February 7, 2012

Tarea para 9/2

This homework will be due Thursday, but you can start tonight.
estudio.quia.com: Chapter 1, Workbook , Vocabulario 2, Activities A, B & C

February 6, 2012

Tarea para 7/2

estudio.quia.com: Chapter 1, Workbook , Vocabulario 1, Activities A, B & C

February 2, 2012

Tarea para 3/2

Review all of the verbs conjugations in the verb table you have, plus review the Spanish I verb conjugation review guide that I gave you. Be prepared for our review/quiz thingy tomorrow!

Do the following two activities in estudio.quia.com:

  • Repaso Workbook Repaso C, Gramática 1, Act. B
  • Repaso Workbook Repaso D, Gramática 1, Act. A