September 28, 2012

Getting Ahead

If you want to get ahead, practice the irregular imperfect verbs over the weekend, also. Five minutes a day keeps your parents happy ;)

September 27, 2012

Spanish 3 Homework for Monday October 1

Use the handouts from today and/or page R43 of your book to review imperfect verb conjugations. Simply go this site and practice for 10 minutes.

Spanish 3 Quiz Monday October 1

Blocks 3 and 6 will have a quiz on Monday, October 1. Simply memorize the following interrogatives (questioning words).

quién = who
qué = what

cuál= which or what
cómo = how or what
dónde = where
cuánto/a/os/as = how much/many
cuándo = when
por qué = why

adónde = to where
a quién = to whom

September 25, 2012

SP3 Prep for Thurs/Fri (27/28)

We will begin reviewing the imperfect on Thurs/Fri. Please take a look at this table which summaries the whole tense. We use imperfect for many things, among others when we want to describe what we USED to do.

regular –ar
regular –er and -ir

Imperfect tense as a Word doc

Clothing Vocabulary

This is a list of clothing/related vocab for Immersion Spanish.

September 22, 2012

Preparation for Performance Assessment

Use as many of these pictures as you like. Write sentences in both the past (preterite) and present tenses. Bring them to me on Monday and I will give you feedback on the Spanish you produce.

September 18, 2012

First Performance Assessment (25/26)

On Tuesday or Wednesday of next week (September 25/26) you be doing your first Performance Assessment of the year (remember this contributes to a category which is worth 50% of your quarter grade). You'll work in class, alone and without any notes; just you a pen and paper. I'll be giving you 3 pictures to describe. You'll describe each in a paragraph, so 3 paragraphs in all. Here is a description of the pictures/task.
  • You'll see a picture of a situation at school. You'll describe what is happening in the picture using the present tense.
  • You'll see a picture of a situation at home. You'll describe what happened in the picture using the preterite tense.
  • You'll see a picture of a situation with people on vacation. You'll describe what happened in the picture using the preterite tense.

First Small Assessment Thurs/Fri (20/21)

You'll present your A conocerte mejor skits on Thursday/Friday. Your presentation will be evaluated individually using the oral presentation rubric. Below is a checklist to be sure you are meeting all of the content requirements. Your presentation will be graded as a Small Assessment.
  • Do you have past and present tense verbs? 
  • Does everyone speak more or less the same amount? 
  • Do you use correct grammar? 
  • Will the presentation last 3-5 minutes? 
  • Did you turn in one copy of the skit to Mr. Jannke

Homework for Thurs/Fri (20/21)

Look at the picture in Práctica 4 on page R27 of your book (also below). Write 3 sentences using present tense verbs to describe what people are doing. Then, write 3 more sentences using past tense (preterite) verbs to describe what people did.

September 17, 2012

Homework for Tues/Weds (18/19)

Read/review the vocab on pages R24 and R25 of your book. (Remember, you should be leaving your book at home.) Then on page R26 complete Práctica 1 (just make the chart on a blank piece of paper and categorize the vocab phrases).

Spanish III SMART Lesson from Friday

This is the lesson I did on the board for block 6 on Friday. It just gives the conjugations for the irregular preterite verbs, but in addition there is a good slide on the common irregular endings, the ones that look like a paddle (er/ir) and then the -ar verb ending show up in the yo/Ud forms. Finally, there is my explaination of how to create questions. Check it out.... SMART Lesson, September 14, Block 6.

September 14, 2012

Spanish 3 Homework for Monday

Watch this video and make sure you understand everything. This should be very simple to understand. One Semester of Spanish - Love Song

Take a look at this review of regular preterite verbs. Pretty funny YouTube video!

There are two or three (depending on your perspective) errors in this video. Write them down on a piece of paper and hand it in to me at the beginning of class on Monday for a sticker or candy, your choice. ¡Tú eres mas inteligente que este chico!

Optional: check out this present tense review "Teach Me How to Verb"

Creating Questions

Review the list of interrogatives.

September 13, 2012

¡A Conocerte Mejor!


  • What is the role of a TV talk show host?
  • What kinds of questions does the host ask?

What we are going to do?

You will act out a TV talk show where the host asks questions to get to know the guests.


  • Break up into groups of 3 or 4 people. No groups of 2 or 5.
  • Elect one member of your group to be the Host(ess).
  • The other 2 or 3 students will be the Guests.
  • You can be anyone you like (a famous or fictitious person/host). Feel free to make this funny and entertaining.
  • Brainstorm (on paper) appropriate personal questions for the Host(ess) to ask the Guests. (name, age, family, likes, dislikes, etc.)
  • Be sure to include questions using past and present tense verbs. (for example ?s about what the person did, does, etc.)
  • Write out a role-play in Spanish.
  • Make sure every group member participates.
  • Practice asking and answering the questions several times.
  • Each team will stage a mock TV presentation of their talk show.
  • Members of the class who are the audience, take notes during the TV show.
  • After each team has presented their show, Sr. Jannke will ask you questions about what you heard.

September 6, 2012

SP3 Homework Bock's 3 & 6 for Monday

Complete this verb table in the present tense. You can skip doing it a second time in the preterite for now, until we review the preterite more. If you need help, you can always use your notes from today, your book or the website we used in class today, 100 Most Common Spanish Verbs.

Also, please practice vocab and verb conjugations daily. Ten minutes a day keeps the doctor away.

September 5, 2012

Block 6 Homework for Friday

To prepare for Friday's class, please review the present and preterite tenses again.

September 4, 2012

Block 3 "Homework" for Thursday and Monday

So, I messed up on the time in class today and did not pass out your homework; still adjusting to the new schedule. Anyhow, your next homework assignment, which will now be due Monday, is to complete two verb tables, one in the present tense and the other in the preterite past tense.

For Thursday: To prepare for Thursday's class, please review the present and preterite tenses again. In addition, please review the imperfect and future tense verb conjugations.

For Monday: If you want to get started on the homework for Monday, this is the verb table you'll need to complete. Print it out twice and complete it once in the present tense and once in the preterite. If you can't print this or don't have time now, don't worry, I'll hand this out to you on Thursday and you can do it over the weekend.

For advise on how to "review" these verb tenses see my prior post here.

Any questions, please email or stop by and see me.